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Articles récents

An open letter to Dr Harsh Vardhan

By Chris Bois PhD Dear Sir, We are millions in so called “Occidental countries” – including Australia, etc. – to respect the huge knowledge of traditional medicine in India. The best known being Ayurvedic medicine. (1) If I look around me in my country – Lyon France – people are helpless and scared in front … More

Covid & Superbugs : your life is at stake !

World Health Organisation last news : Big Pharma has no valid proposal for Covid nor Superbugs. So the choice is simple : suicide or herbal therapy. Academic publications show the effect of plants. Field tests as well. But WikiPedia is empty from this information. So we give it to you. This post is on the … More

They say WikiPedia is The Voice of Big Pharma

In 2020, people have the efficient plants available over the counter and they don’t use them against Covid !!! Big Pharma’s spell on them ? Is it the same for other pandemics ?Yes ! We have seen that it is the same for Superbugs.And it is also the same for the pandemic of cancer. (1) … More

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