They say WikiPedia is The Voice of Big Pharma

In 2020, people have the efficient plants available over the counter and they don’t use them against Covid !!! Big Pharma’s spell on them ? Is it the same for other pandemics ?
Yes ! We have seen that it is the same for Superbugs.
And it is also the same for the pandemic of cancer. (1)

Author : Chris Bois

The story of Denise

Fifteen years ago Denise wanted to start prevention for her risk of cancer and asked me to search WikiPedia.
Then Denise had a “small” cancer and asked me to find information to cure her small cancer by herself.
So I had the opportunity to search WikiPedia and also to see the dynamics of WikiPedia editions concerning cancer.
There are three phases :
– a White Knight puts academic knowledge about the efficiency of a plant against a type of cancer
– as soon as possible, some Black Knight erases the knowledge
– the White Knight understands how it works and creates a WordPress site about plants and cancers

In the following text “Black Knights” refer to WikiPedia contributors who erase knowledge about the efficiency of a plant against a type of cancer.

The “typical reader” we are interested in has an absolute need for the knowledge about plants and cancer.
Frequent case is when the physicians of the official paradigm say : “We can’t do anything for you !
This is why the action of Black Knights is criminal.
People need the knowledge or they die !

Black Knights’ volunteer work

Remember the title of this post : “They say WikiPedia is The Voice of Big Pharma !
Unfortunately it’s a lot worse than that !
Black Knights don’t work in Big Pharma’s firms !
Black Knights don’t receive any penny from Big Pharma !
Black Knights work for free.
So, by what are they bewitched ?

The answer is in history

In the nineteenth century, when God or gods lost their power as “therapists” they were replaced by physicians, pharmacists, surgeons, etc.
Temples of reason” were built all over the world.
Quickly “reason” disappeared and they became temples of new gods.
What we observe is that Black Knights are affiliates of a Fanatic sect of Big Pharma worshipers.
As many gurus in history have said “The sect is made by the worshipers, not by the guru !
Of course there are Big Pharma gurus who say : “No salvation apart from chemical molecules !
But Big Pharma guru’s don’t need to hire Wikipedia contributors.
The fanatic Black Knights are already there, blind worshipers.

The proof is in the pudding

For the formula see Wiktionary.

We cannot invite you to a Black Knights’ party.
The proof of their existence is in … the non-existence in WikiPedia of tons of academic knowledge about the effect of plants on cancer, Superbugs, Covid and other similar subjects.

Missing academic knowledge in WikiPedia articles : the evidence of the censorship

A few examples that we have in mind out of our travels in WikiPedia.
The order of appearance is random.
Complete references of academic research publications ; for each plant we give the name of the main author underligned.

Cocoa bean

Missing : Maskarinec Cancer protective properties of cocoa
To cure a cancer “softly” it needs to take several times a day 50 different plants – that is what Denise did during 9 months to cure her cancer.
It is very important that these many “little effects” be documented in WikiPedia.

Taraxacum / dandelion

A paradigmatic case.
Academic researchers find interesting effect of dandelion root extract on cancer cell apoptosis.
Too many stupid authors write : “The cure for cancer is found.
Crazy Black Knights publish dozens of article against the effect of dandelion over cancer.
Before they be written, these articles are crazy !
The problem is not dandelion, it is the stupidity of the formula : “The cure for cancer is found.
We have seen with Denise that 50 plants were necessary.
So, a true information is always about what one plant brings in the synergy.

Maranta / arrow root

An other syndrome we discover with Maranta article is : “Wikipedia is great if you know the answer beforehand !!!”
If you know that Maranta contains fructooligosacharides.
If you know that fructooligosacharides are prebiotics which feed gut bacterias.
If you know some bacterias produce butyric acid.
If you know that butyric acid is important for the immune system against cancer.
You know and WikiPedia is useful to have the exact references.
But if you don’t know the answer beforehand ?
The missing sentence in Maranta article : “Maranta contains fructooligosacharides, a food for bacterias who produce butyric acid boosting immunity against cancer.” !!!
Seifert‘s paper and others

consumption of prebiotics may facilitate the health of the host.
In the article “prebiotics”.
Missing : “If you don’t eat prebiotics – in food or as supplement – your microbiota is dead and you are dead !

Studies have also shown that prebiotics, besides stimulating the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, can also inhibit the growth of detrimental and potentially pathogenic microbes in the gut,[6][4] such as clostridia.[4]
Missing : “Without food or supplement prebiotics you are also dead because of bad bacteria, bad fungi, bad viruses !!!

Digestive leukocytosis

Missing : The whole article.
Missing knowledge : “If your immune system is very weak and you eat non natural food – cooked, etc. – you may take the leap from being alive to being dead !
That is why animals fast when they are ill.
With a very weak immune system the choice may be : “fasting or dying” !!!

A source : “Digestive Leukocytosis-What a Close Reading of Kouchakoff Reveals”.
Sources in other Wikipedias who have an article about Digestive leucocytosis.

Edward Howell’s findings

Missing : The whole article

Three sources :
The Status of Food Enzymes in Digestion and Metabolism, Edward Howell, 1946 par the National Enzyme Company [archive]
– Enzymes for Health and Longevity, Edward Howell, Omangod press 1980
– Edward Howell, Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept, Avery publishing group.


Papaya contains enzymes.
Missing : Saha & Giri Breaking the Barrier of Cancer through Papaya Extract and their Formulation

A deadly paradigm

The Black Knight’s Fanatic sect of Big Pharma worshipers kills knowledge on WikiPedia.

How many people die from missing information ?


(1) Each and every year 10 M of people die of cancer in the world (out of 140 million of annual deaths).
This number increases as :
– junk food has a larger success
– good habits with preventing and curative food are left
In the U.S.A., in 2020, an estimated 16,850 children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 will be diagnosed with cancer and 1,730 will die of the disease.
How many “Denise” may have been saved by a 50 plants therapeutic system ?





WikiPedia logo : WikiMedia
Retrieved Oct 20, 2020

Centrifuge tubes : WikiMedia Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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