An open letter to Dr Harsh Vardhan

By Chris Bois PhD

Dear Sir,

We are millions in so called “Occidental countries” – including Australia, etc. – to respect the huge knowledge of traditional medicine in India. The best known being Ayurvedic medicine. (1)

If I look around me in my country – Lyon France – people are helpless and scared in front of Covid.
The level of trust in the official medical system is at its lowest.

There is an urgent need to say to people that they can help their body fight the virus.

In my tiny organisation – Une fabrique de communs – we have developed what we call a survival kit against Covid and Superbugs. (2)
Before the Internet and since its birth we have been disseminating knowledge for free with different mediums including WikiPedia.

Our observation is that WikiPedia doesn’t give the references of the academic research works that a available for herbal therapies which are efficient for :
– boosting the immune system
– fight the viruses in general
– fight the coronavirus family
– fight a specific coronavirus

We were happy to learn about the partnership between WHO and WikiMedia.

WikiMedia people are not qualified in the different paradigms for medicine and the help of WHO specialists can be of a hight added value.

We thank you in advance to hear this “SOS” from people in our “developed” countries who are – it seems – more helpless than people from countries who have kept their links with their patrimonial knowledge.

With my best regards,

Chris Bois

Founder of Une fabrique de communs – 1986


(1) Understanding COVID – 19 pandemic – A comprehensive ayurvedic perspective
Uma Shankar PrasadAdluria1Akash ChandraTripathib

(2) People with Covid go to hospitals, the home of Superbugs !

Picture credit

WHO Headquarter in Geneva

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